DipIFR Course

DipIFR Course Terms and Conditions

  1. The course fee per session includes the course notes relevant to the particular session you book.
  2. If the five session package is purchased a full set of course notes is provided.
  3. You are entitled to 2 free revision sessions if the full package is purchased, however the revision sessions cannot be purchased separately.
  4. Text books and revision kits are to be purchased separately.
  5. The exam past papers and solutions may be downloaded free for charge from the ACCA website at www.accaglobal.com
  6. Course fees are subject to change and AIM reserves the right to change the fee prevailing at the course commencement date.
  7. A completed AIM Application form must be accompanied with the respective fee payable by any method of payment. Should you be effecting payment by internet banking, you must submit the completed DipIFR course application form and submit together with a copy of the online payment receipt after having affected payment by HSBC internet banking or BOV 24/7. Simply select AIMP Professional Academy from the merchants list and include Name, ID no. and course details.
  8. Deferral; No refunds will be made and all monies are to be carried forward. All relevant material has to be returned to BPP once the course has been deferred.
  9. Course cancellation; Cancellation of a course requires advanced notification of at least 1 week prior to the course commencement date.  All relevant material has to be returned to AIM upon cancellation of course.  A cancellation fee of €30 will be deducted prior to raising a credit to your AIM account upon cancellation notification which is valid for one year from issuance of credit and no refunds will be made. Please note that the DipIFR usually takes place once a year and that the credit validity may expire.
  10. AIM reserves the right to cancel any course should the number of applicants be insufficient. Moreover rescheduling of lecture dates and additional lectures may be scheduled according to the lecturer’s requirements and consent by AIM.
  11. Courses and credits are not transferable between individuals.
  12. The course notes will be provided on the first day of lectures.  All other published study material may be provided beforehand, from the AIM administration centre in Swatar, subject to availability and notification.