ACCA Course Prices

The following are the fees applicable to AIM courses being held in preparation for the ACCA examination sessions.

SubjectIntegrated Integrated DiscountIntegrated HoursIntroductory OnlyIntroductory HoursRevision OnlyRevision HoursIntro and Revision Combined Intro and Revision Combined Hours
F1/FAB Accountant in Business€ 32030
F2/FMA Management Accounting€ 40045
F3/FFA Financial Accounting€ 40045
F4 Corporate and Business Law€ 27024€ 22520€ 43044
F5 Performance Management€ 25524€ 25524€ 44048
F6 Taxation€ 36545€ 18523€ 48068
F7 Financial Reporting€ 28030€ 28030€ 49060
F8 Audit and Assurance€ 23018€ 23018€ 40036
F9 Financial Management€ 25524€ 25524€ 44048
Induction Course
P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics€ 23018€ 23018€ 40036
P2 Corporate Reporting€ 30030€ 30030€ 52560
P3 Business Analysis€ 26018€ 26018€ 45036
P6 Advanced Taxation€ 32036€ 28532€ 52568
P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance€ 26018€ 26018€ 45036

The prices for the introductory courses include study texts, course notes and pass cards, whilst those for the revision courses include revision kits and revision notes. All course material is included for the combined and integrated courses as well as access to the MyBPP online tool. The Course notes and past papers are provided for the local variant papers F4, F6 and P6 as study texts, revision kits and pass cards are not published.