Employee Retention Workshop

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What makes your employees want to stay with your company?

This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Why employees quit their job (Most reasons are under the control of the employer)
    • Lack of meaning in work
    • Lack of autonomy & independence
    • Poor usage of skills
    • Boring, unchallenging work
    • Poor relationship with Management
  • Top Retention Strategies
    • The working environment
    • Relationships with colleagues & management
    • Support strategies
    • Growth strategies
    • Compensation strategies
    • Corporate culture
  • Retention Strategies examples from top organisations
  • Case study analysis of a workplace situation

This workshop will be delivered by Ing. David J. Dingli – M.Phil.(Maastricht); MBA(Brunel); B.Elec.Eng.(Hons.)