Malta needs more Accountants


As part of its long term strategy to help promote interest in the Accounting Profession, officials from MIA recently delivered a presentation at the Junior College, Valletta Campus. MIA’s CEO Mark Abela and Education Co-ordinator Magnolia Tabone focused on the role of accountancy in today’s vibrant economy, with emphasis on the essential ACCA/MIA Qualification.

AIM Course Planner

AIM Professional Academy Course Planner 2016

AIM Course Planner 2016 2

Course options are as follows:                                                                                 

1) Integrated course leading to June exams; January to May and December; July to November courses – ALL PAPERS.

2) Combined courses leading to June exams; January to May and December; July to November – INCLUDING LOCAL VARIANT PAPERS F4, F6, P6.

3) Combined courses leading to March exams; Introductory Course (October to November); Revision course (January to February) and September Introductory Course (April to May); Revision course (July to August) – EXCLUDING F4, F6, P6 and F1, F2, F3.

Note: March and September exam sessions do not apply to the local variant papers as there will be no ACCA exams.

F1, F2 and F3 courses are in preparation for computer based exams offered on demand. The respective courses will start during the first and third quarter of the year and  Pre-set timetables are not applicable


Achievement ladders

Achievement ladders Step 1 to 8 have been introduced as home work to ensure the student’s progress throughout the course. These may be found in the course notes; course exam 1 has been replaced with Step 4 and course exam 2 has been replaced with Step 6. Thus completion of Step 6 is one of the criteria for eligibility to PGS. Step 7 and 8 will be self-assessments to be completed after the first day of revision and after the last day of revision respectively.