ACCA Study material

The professional education market demands consistent technical accuracy, swift updating and targeted writing. Each examination syllabus BPP produce materials with its own specific needs. Technical areas are constantly changing, as are teaching methods. That is why BPP employ a team of in-house specialists to maintain high quality and respond quickly to market needs. Editions are updated annually and, where necessary, supplements produced for changes in legislation between editions. All of BPP’s products have been developed after extensive consultation with and feedback from students, clients and tutors about study issues and the kind of learning tool that they would value.

Over the years, BPP’s range has grown from purely paper-based products such as texts, kits, cards and notes, to include a variety of innovative study aids. The following study resources are included in the course price accordingly.

Course Notes
Prepared by subject specialists these nationally consistent notes succinctly cover the whole syllabus and include:

  • Diagrammatical overview of each chapter
  • Summaries at the end of each chapter
  • Homework questions and solutions to test your progress
  • Clear links to ACCA Learning Outcomes to ensure your studies are targeted towards the exam.

Local variant course notes can also be purchased upon request.

Revision Notes
Written by subject specialists,ther nationally consistent revision notes include:

  • A condensed view of the syllabus
  • Diagrams and summaries of key areas

BPP ACCA Approved Study text (excludes Local Variant Papers)
The text is specifically written for the ACCA new syllabus and has been reviewed by the examiners. It includes:

  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage
  • Quizzes, examples and exam focus points to reinforce learning
  • Practice questions, chapter roundups and reference to the Learning Outcomes

Practice and Revision kits (excludes Local Variant Papers)
An essential revision tool containing:

  • Exam questions and answers
  • Unique revision guidance advising you on the best questions to attempt
  • Three mock exams plus guidance on approaching each paper.

Pass cards (excludes Local Variant Papers)
Their pocket size makes them perfect revision companion for when you are on the move. They feature:

  • Visual presentation emphasising key pints
  • Coloured tabs to mark topic coverage

This online support tool gives you access to recordings and learning resources designed to compliment and support the classroom course. A student may review, relearn, and recap areas when and where they like. This exciting new resource is included with all BPP introductory, revision or combined courses at no additional cost

Achievement ladders Step 1 to 8. (excludes Local Variant Papers)
Achievement ladders are designed to prepare students for the exam throughout the learning and revision phase by  these progress tests. Their aim is to give you plenty of practice and to check your understanding. You need to submit the Steps through the MyBPP VLE. Step 4 and 6 must be presented to AIM administration for PGS purposes. A copy of suggested solutions will be provided in order to check your work and self-correct it.

Course exams ( applicable to Local Variant Papers only)
AIM will provide you with a course exam for F4, F6 and P6 papers.  Their aim is to give you plenty of practice and to check your understanding in preparation for exams.  The course exams must be presented to AIM administration for PGS A copy of suggested solutions will be provided in order to check your work and self-correct it.

Other study resources:

Final Mock exam
Final mock exams are offered a few weeks prior to ACCA examinations for all students. The student is able to test his knowledge under examination condition just weeks before exam. The lecturer will mark the scripts and return to students together with a set of suggested solutions in time for the student to go over areas which need improvement prior to the actual exam. Students can opt for this at an extra charge.

I-Pass (excludes Local Variant Papers)
This interactive online resource has the same format as the ACCA computer based exams. It contains a bank of more than 300 questions and generates new numbers at each attempt giving you unlimited practice. You can simulate exam timing, choose length of test and create multiple tests on areas of your choice. These can be purchased at an extra charge and upon order.