AIM Overview


AIM Professional Academy formerly known as BPP Professional Education Malta is now fully owned by the Malta Institute of Accountants. BPP Professional Education Malta was a 50:50 Joint Venture between the Malta Institute of Accountants and BPP Professional Education between 2003 and 2015.

AIM Professional Academy, which is a Premier Member with the BPP Professional Education Global Network , will retain its continuous strong relationship with BPP Professional Education to rely on BPP’s expertise in study material, resources and support for an ongoing mutual study success experience.

BPP Professional Education has been established for over 30 years and is the qualifications trainer of choice to many of the world’s leading professional service firms. In line with BPP, AIM’s course structures, incorporating the use of innovative learning materials and teaching strategies, are carefully designed around the needs of the student. Combined with our high pass rates, thus minimising retakes, AIM offers students the most cost-effective use of qualifications training investment. AIM will continue to offer the above high quality service to its existing and potential students.

Thousands of accountants, tax practitioners, lawyers, insolvency practitioners, actuaries, financial services professionals, marketing practitioners and MBAs have gained their qualifications studying with BPP. You will find BPP supporting people as they pursue a professional career in business. Through BPP’s Premier membership, AIM Professional Academy will remain providing the same ultimate support for success.

Business professionals face an ever-tougher working environment: increasing regulation, nationally and internationally; and ever-higher standards demanded from government and customers. AIM’s mission in the developing professional economy is to train people starting out on their careers, and to support them with continuing professional development once they are qualified.

Professionals training professionals

AIM’s tutors and authors are all qualified in the professions they teach. As importantly, their teaching work does not take second place to consultancy or research, unlike some institutions for which professional training is only a sideline. Our tutors and authors know from personal experience the practical needs of trainees who must study while working full time.

Innovation in professional training

AIM leads the field, not only in student-friendly, time-efficient course design, but also in our unsurpassed investment in BPP course materials and targeted publications. Our aim is to empower students to succeed, whatever learning environment they choose. AIM stands for quality and innovation in professional education and training.